LAWA CEO Message

Face Coverings, Updates to the County’s Isolation Orders and Operational Updates

Team LAWA, 

Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued recommendations that individuals wear face coverings when in public, matching the guidance provided to us by Mayor Garcetti and referenced in my message to you yesterday. Consistent with Mayor Garcetti’s announcement, the CDC has also stressed that these should not be medical grade masks, such as N95 or surgical masks, as those should be reserved for medical and public safety professionals. Rather, scarves, bandanas and fabric masks all meet the guidance provided by public health officials. You can find lots of great ideas on how to create your own face covering on the internet. Face coverings are required for our employees when in public, and I urge you to also use them on your personal time when you need to go out to a pharmacy, grocery store, doctor’s office or just for a walk around the block while making sure you also continue to follow other public health guidelines like social distancing and frequent handwashing. 

Additionally, this week the County of Los Angeles released revised blanket Health Officer Orders for isolation and quarantine. The orders were revised to reflect new CDC guidance regarding the definition of a close contact to include those who had contact with a person with or likely to have COVID-19 within 48 hours of symptom onset. These new orders cover isolation requirements for individuals diagnosed with or likely to have COVID-19. It is important we all understand the requirements and where to find more information if we or someone we have been in close contact with tests positive for COVID-19. 

At LAWA, we and our partners continue to respond to the new reality of the dramatic reduction in passenger traffic. Starting tomorrow, Delta will be consolidating operations within Terminal 2. Our operations, maintenance and airport police teams are working with the airline to create a plan to temporarily shutter Terminal 3 to all but necessary employees, so we can reduce our need for cleaning, operations personnel and police officers while it is temporarily closed. As we and our partners make additional adjustments to our operations, I will make sure to share those with you. 

During these difficult times, it is important that each of us be sure to take time to care for our physical, emotional and spiritual (if you so prescribe) well-being. I know it is easy to say and I know I need a lot of work at it myself these days. But we all need to do so. My wife reminds me that we all are going through a very traumatic time and we do not even realize this necessarily. But it is taking its toll on us behind the scenes. We need to recognize that and take a moment for ourselves once in a while, and do what we need to do to help us get through this. And sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break. 

If you are having difficulty doing this, difficulty working at home, or just would like someone to talk to, please remember that we have our LAWA Ombudsman’s office that you can turn to for support. You can contact the Ombudsman’s office via email, telephone or video conference. Start by contacting their office via email at:  

I wish you a happy, healthy and safe weekend. Please remember to maintain social distance, wear a face covering when you must go out for essential activities and continue to do frequent and thorough handwashing and sanitizing. Together we will do our part to flatten the curve of infections and get through this time. 

Justin Erbacci 
Interim CEO, LAWA