Retired Associate Membership Program


LAAPOA’s Retired Associate Membership Program is now available to retired LAAPOA members who want to retain their membership in the association and continue to have access to the association’s extensive member benefits, including legal defense and insurance coverage provided through PORAC membership. This benefit will also now be extended to any individual who has retired in good standing from their law enforcement agency and wishes to become a LAAPOA associate member. The annual membership dues for associate members are $750.

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Membership Benefits

  • Access to LAAPOA’s membership benefits at half the cost of a full-service voting membership
  • Retired LAAPOA members have the ability to enroll or remain enrolled in certain benefits and programs
  • City Employees Club of Los Angeles long-term-care insurance
  • LAAPOA EyeMed benefit
  • Retired Associate Membership (RAM)
  • RAM HR-218 coverage
  • Access to the new LAAPOA Headquarters
  • And much more!


City Employees Club of Los Angeles

  • Long-Term-Care Plan: All active members receive the optional initial benefit amount of $1,000 per month in coverage from the City Employees Club of Los Angeles.

Legal Representation

LAAPOA has established relationships with the following law firms for member representation:

  • Mastagni Holstedt, APC (workers’ compensation)
  • Stone Busailah, LLP

Members can call one of these attorneys and ask for advice or referrals free of charge.

PORAC LDF Firearms Coverage

PORAC and its Legal Defense Fund (LDF) are excited to offer RAM members retiree firearms coverage. This plan is only available to retired law enforcement officers who are also PORAC RAM members.


PORAC is pleased to announce that we now have a dedicated hotline for RAM Plan V inquiries


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