Can an Officer Waive Their Own POBR Rights?

By David E. Mastagni, David Demurjian and Taylor Davies-Mahaffey The purpose of the Public Safety Officers’ Procedural Bill of Rights Act is to promote effective law enforcement by maintaining stable employer–employee relations in California law enforcement agencies. The procedural protections provided by POBR balance the public interest in maintaining the efficiency and integrity of law […] Read More »

Reflecting on Another Year of Challenge and Change

Throughout 2021, LAAPOA was beset with challenges related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, defunding movement, police reform legislation and numerous other issues affecting the law enforcement profession nationwide — and we met them head-on while ensuring the safety, well-being, rights and benefits of our membership. Through it all, LAAPOA has kept members, supporters, political leaders […] Read More »

The Layover With LAAPOA, Episode 2: Getting to Know Sheriff Alex Villanueva

In the latest episode of The Layover With LAAPOA video podcast, LAAPOA President Marshall McClain sits down with Sheriff Alex Villanueva to chat about the sheriff’s rise to becoming Los Angeles County’s top cop, what he’d like his legacy to be and much more. Here are a few highlights from the episode: Humble Beginnings At […] Read More »

Good Work, Tulsa International Airport Police

Around midnight on Tuesday, November 30, airport police at Tulsa International Airport returned fire on a shooter located in the airport’s parking garage. The Tulsa Police Department informed the Tulsa Airport Police that an incoming passenger might be the victim of domestic abuse. This came after the victim’s husband threatened to kill her when she […] Read More »

Giving Thanks and Staying Safe

With travel restrictions easing and vaccines and other health precautions in place, many Americans are preparing to reunite with faraway friends and family this Thanksgiving. Experts predict that crowds will rebound to pre-pandemic levels in airports, on the roads and even on the rails. But with so many people traveling — some for the first […] Read More »

Vaccine Mandates and the “Defund the Police” Movement: Is There a Correlation?

As vaccine mandates roll out for public employees nationwide, police and the unions that represent them have vehemently pushed back. Law enforcement groups in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Baltimore and other major cities have filed lawsuits to contest local ordinances, alleging, among other things, that requiring full inoculation violates workers’ rights and is unconstitutional. […] Read More »

A Look Inside AB 490 and Limitations on the Use of Force

By David E. Mastagni, David Demurjian and Taylor Davies-Mahaffey On September 30, Governor Newsom signed AB 490 (Gipson) into law, which “prohibit[s] a law enforcement agency from authorizing techniques or transport methods that involve a substantial risk of positional asphyxia, as defined.”1 This law is an expansion of AB 1196 (Gibson), signed into law one […] Read More »

Remembering the Fallen During National Police Weekend

Today marks the beginning of National Police Weekend in Washington, D.C. After two postponed National Police Week gatherings in May 2020 and 2021 due to pandemic restrictions, law enforcement personnel, supporters and survivors from across the country have finally made the pilgrimage to our nation’s capital to honor the fallen and bring closure to their […] Read More »

Update on Legal Challenges to Mandatory Vaccinations

By David E. Mastagni, David Demurjian and Taylor Davies-Mahaffey State and Local Governments Can Mandate Vaccinations Over 100 years ago, the Supreme Court decided that states can mandate that their citizens get vaccinated. In Jacobson v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1905) 197 U.S. 11, the court upheld a local law in Cambridge, Massachusetts, requiring that inhabitants […] Read More »

LAAPOA’s Statement on the Passing of Officer Michael Allen Rasmussen

LAAPOA is saddened to announce the sudden death of Los Angeles Airport Police Officer III Michael Allen “Razz” Rasmussen. He was a 24-year veteran of the Los Angeles Airport Police and a United States Air Force veteran.   On September 14, after departing the police station located at LAX Airport, Officer Rasmussen was killed in […] Read More »