LAAPOA Stands Up to Honor Fallen Heroes

This past year was unlike any that law enforcement — and the nation — has ever seen before. Between COVID-19, senseless attacks on police and an onslaught of tragic incidents, 2020 was the deadliest year in law enforcement history. While law enforcement may have gotten knocked down harder than ever last year, we will stand strong and proud with our brothers and sisters in blue for National Peace Officers Memorial Day on May 15 and during National Police Week from May 9 to 15. Read More »

Federal Court Rejects Exclusion of Holiday-in-Lieu Payments From Overtime

First responders know all too well that they won’t have every holiday off with their families. Public safety services are required every day of the year. This means that if your schedule lands on a holiday, you are required to work. To compensate employees for these schedules, public agencies and their unions often negotiate “holiday-in-lieu” pay. Read More »

A Look Back at Pioneering Park Rangers

Have you ever studied the ceramic mural in the courtyard of the Griffith Park Visitor Center? The mural, designed and created by ceramic artist Elaine Katzer in 1987, gives a brief history of Griffith Park. In the final panel representing current times, Katzer chose two pioneering rangers to represent the park: Lucia Ruta, the first female ranger, and Doc Jefferson, the first Black mounted ranger. Read More »

The Women of LAXPD, Part 1: The Fight Is Far From Over

In our new series of articles entitled “The Women of LAXPD,” LAAPOA will highlight the women who make the Los Angeles Airport Police one of the most diverse departments in the country, with an emphasis on the female leaders who’ve helped move the profession forward. In honor of National Women’s History Month, LAAPOA also thanks the hardworking women […] Read More »

The New Attack on Law Enforcement — Personal Liability Insurance

By David E. Mastagni and Josh Olander Mastagni Holstedt, APC On December 18, David E. Mastagni testified before the California Assembly Select Committee on Police Reform to advocate for sensible reform and to oppose the ill-informed proposals to require law enforcement officers to purchase individual professional liability insurance. These proposals are no more than an […] Read More »

Now Is the Time for L.A. to Act on Its Commitment to Equity

In June 2020, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti signed an executive directive to study and promote racial equity in the hiring, promotion and contracting practices of City departments, promising that the move “ensures our City leadership looks at every issue through a lens of racial justice [and] acts to end structural racism.” Despite this commitment, […] Read More »