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Protecting Members’ Rights

It is paramount that LAAPOA members’ rights are protected. To ensure this, the association has teamed up with the best law firms the state has to offer. Members can rest easy knowing that their reps have been trained by the best and that experienced labor attorneys are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. LAAPOA is available to assist with filing a grievance, Internal Affairs interviews, administrative appeals hearings and much more.

Members should call a LAAPOA rep when named as a suspect in an investigation, interviewed as a witness or questioned by a supervisor. It is never in a member’s best interest to submit to an interview without representation, even if the member believes there is nothing to worry about because he or she has done absolutely nothing wrong. Based on the records of numerous members interviewed as witnesses who, as a result of their interviews, became subjects themselves, all prudent LAAPOA members should have a reasonable belief that they might be accused of misconduct, and as such may be subjected to discipline.

Mastagni Holstedt, APC is the general counsel for LAAPOA, and also provides legal services in the following areas for our members: workers’ compensation, personal injury, criminal defense, civil litigation defense and retirement law.

Law Firms

LAAPOA has established relationships with the following law firms for member representation:

The above are available in addition to the list of PORAC (LDF) panel attorneys. Members can call one of these attorneys and ask for advice or referrals free of charge.

PORAC Legal Defense Plan

Members of LAAPOA receive membership in the Peace Officers Research Association of California Legal Defense Plan (PORAC LDF). The PORAC LDF is the nation’s oldest, largest and most respected public safety legal plan. Serving more than 120,000 members nationwide, PORAC LDF remains committed to protecting the rights and benefits of its members since 1974.

The Fund is an ERISA Trust that provides legal service benefits for public safety personnel. The Fund currently has reserves of more than $20,000,000. In addition to experience it is critical for you to examine the financial resources of any legal plan that you are considering. A plan is only as good as the financial resources behind it.

  • 24/7 emergency legal response
  • No cap on benefits
  • Run by Cops for Cops
  • Non Profit – ERISA trust fund
  • Administered by attorneys experienced in the representation of peace officers.
  • Longevity – In existence for almost 40 years
  • Financial Strength – Net assets available for member benefits – Over $20 Million
  • Membership stability – More than 120,000 members
  • Affirmative Relief Coverage
  • Concerted Labor Activity coverage
  • Non- scope administrative disciplinary coverage
  • Civil Case monitoring