LAWA CEO Message

Communicating and Coordinating on COVID-19

Team LAWA, 

Today, I wanted to share some additional information on how we are coordinating with our employees, stakeholders and government partners to respond to COVID-19. 

LAWA staff from our Emergency Management team have deployed to the County and City Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), to participate directly in the conversations occurring at both locations and report back to myself and our executive team with any new information, directives and recommendations. Other participants at these EOC locations include the Mayor’s office, Los Angeles County Department of Public Heath, City and County Emergency Management Departments, LA City and LA County Fire, Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office. Bringing all of these groups together under a single roof allows us to best respond when new information breaks or questions arise. As LAX is a key location within our region when it comes to combatting the spread of germs, it is critical that we are included in response coordination and receive new information as quickly as possible. 

Additionally, our Public Relations Team has created a virtual Joint Information Center (JIC), with the public information officers (PIOs) from all of the relevant local, state and federal partners. This group, which will be meeting on a conference call every afternoon and communicating via email throughout the day, allows us to ensure that information is being shared and messages are being communicated with a shared voice. We are pleased that our federal partners, including CDC, CBP, TSA, County Public Health, LAFD and APD are all engaged and participating in this virtual JIC and coordinating with our LAWA PR team. 

And we are sharing these CEO messages with our stakeholders including airlines, concession partners, community members and the offices of our local, state and federal elected officials to ensure that information on our efforts is communicated with a broad audience. 

Finally, members of our LAWA Executive Team and I have been communicating directly with our frontline employees. This morning, Director Maggard and Chief Rhambo visited the badge office and this afternoon I met with four different groups of our Guest Experience Members (GEMS). Last week, Keith Wilschetz also met with our GEMs. At each meeting, we shared our current efforts, answered questions and heard feedback. I thank everyone who participated. I plan to join Mike Christensen later this week to meet with our custodial workers, and last week I shared similar information and answered questions with managers across all divisions. If you have any questions that have not been answered, please reach out to your supervisor to receive direction or so they can help find the information you’re requesting. 

Communication and coordination within LAWA and with all of our partners community, business and government is a key way in which we can ensure that everyone is working together to combat the spread of COVID-19. I know that all of our partners share our commitment to protecting our employees and our guests from the spread of germs, and I thank you for your continued efforts to do the same. 

Justin Erbacci 
Interim CEO, LAWA