The American Alliance of Airport Police Officers (AAAPO) is composed of rank-and-file airport police officers (including many dual police/aircraft rescue firefighters) who stand as the first line of defense against terrorist attacks, hijackings and other criminal activity at our nation’s airports.

Insults Divide, Decency Unites

Attacks against police continue. Mere days after the ambush killing of NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia, New York State Trooper Joel Davis was killed when he approached a residence in response to a domestic dispute. Read More »

AAAPO Denounces Attacks Against Police Officers

This morning, Officer Miosotis Familia, a 12-year NYPD veteran, former Red Cross worker and mother of three, was ambushed, shot and killed by a parolee while sitting in her police vehicle in the Bronx. Today’s incident comes on the heels of last week’s shooting of San Antonio Police Officers Miguel Moreno and Julio Cavazos as […] Read More »

Officer Presence Near Screening Can Help Deter Crimes

Last week, at Orlando International Airport, a TSA agent was arrested and fired for taking cash out of a passenger’s purse. The AAAPO commends TSA for taking swift action to rectify this situation. The passenger in question was pulled aside for additional screening but complained that she could not see her belongings during the pat-down […] Read More »

AAAPO Commends Capitol Police Response in Shooting

Today’s tragic shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, involving members of Congress, law enforcement and others practicing for an upcoming bipartisan congressional baseball game, highlights the bravery and heroism of the Capitol Police who were on site and engaged the shooter. These brave officers saved countless lives due to their quick action and courageousness. Read More »

Blue Proud

As we come to the close of Police Week, AAAPO takes a moment to remember all of our brothers and sisters who have made the highest sacrifice on behalf of duty, and to be thankful for the support of our fellow officers. Read More »

A Unified Airport Police Structure Keeps Travelers Safe

It’s time to stop adding confusion to police response at airports by haphazardly throwing non-airport-specific police into major airports to “support” our mission. Let’s start with the facts: Basic education and training is an important foundation for all police officers. AAAPO airport police graduate from law enforcement academies and are certified officers in their jurisdictions. Read More »

Attacked Again; Still No Changes to Airport Security

Terror struck London on Wednesday, just four days after another attack took place at Paris’ Orly airport. Press releases expressing our sympathies and proposed counteractions are becoming too common, and yet there has still been no federal movement on AAAPO’s simple, commonsense initiatives to support our airports and the police who patrol them. Read More »