Press Release

American Alliance of Airport Police Officers

Insults Divide, Decency Unites

Attacks against police continue. Mere days after the ambush killing of NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia, New York State Trooper Joel Davis was killed when he approached a residence in response to a domestic dispute. The American Alliance of Airport Police Officers (AAAPO) encourages all to keep these families in your prayers. While many across the nation have honored these and other fallen officers, some have disrespected their sacrifice. During Officer Familia’s funeral this week, a teenager blasted an incendiary song out of his apartment window while officers below mourned the passing of their colleague. In California, a law firm that represents police was vandalized with graffiti cursing cops after the firm lowered their “Blue Lives Matter” flag to half-mast in memory of Officer Familia. These acts of contempt are unacceptable.

Policing is an honorable profession. Day in and day out, police protect communities and secure streets so that all people have the ability to live their lives freely and without fear. Despite being in a dangerous profession, officers show up each and every time they receive a call — no matter who is at the other end of that line, even if it is someone playing an anti-policing song, shouting anti-policing rhetoric or threatening the lives of the officers who are running toward them to protect some of the very rights they are exercising. An officer killed, particularly under senseless circumstances such as Officer Familia was, is a loss of life that should be met with decency, not insults.

“When someone is in trouble, who do they call? The police. And we respond without fail,” says Marshall McClain, co-founder of AAAPO and president of the Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association. “When pundits attack us and politicians do not take a breath and show respect when one of our best and brightest falls, it undermines the entire fabric of our society. Much like politicians, not all police officers are good, but the overwhelming majority are. When members of Congress were recently attacked by a crazed shooter, the nation rallied — it was not the time to point out where various politicians had previously failed us. It is called respect for the bigger notion of public service, but the current environment does not reciprocate or extend this concept to law enforcement. And it is incumbent on me to point out that police prevented further untold bloodshed when those lawmakers were attacked. The officers did not hesitate … not for one second, thankfully. We must all come together and root out these anti-police sentiments.”

“NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia’s death is heartbreaking,” says Paul Nunziato, co-founder of AAAPO and president of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Benevolent Association. “There are no other words, even for seasoned cops who have seen it all. Her dedication to the better good is all I will focus on in this statement. She exemplifies selfless public service and the ultimate sacrifice. As senseless as this tragedy was, may she be remembered for showing up, doing her job and reminding all of us that we are brothers and sisters working toward the same common goals.”