Press Release

Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association

LAX Protests: LAAPOA Is Here to Keep Travelers, Employees and Protestors Safe

LOS ANGELES — In response to protests at LAX concerning an executive order temporarily banning refugees and citizens of seven countries from entering the U.S., the Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association (LAAPOA) urges travelers, airport employees and protestors to remain respectful. Airport police officers are here to ensure the safety of those traveling to and from the airport, as well as airport employees and protesters.

“Our officers are committed to safety at LAWA airports and have been working around the clock over the weekend, as political passions are inflamed and emotions running high,” said LAAPOA President Marshall McClain. “We want to ensure that passengers and employees are able to securely and easily travel to and from the airport, while also ensuring that protesters who comply with the law are able to peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights. Our officers are committed to enforcing the law and protecting the public, so it is important that we are also treated with respect for our mission.”