Independent Day

It is time for an independent investigation into Los Angeles World Airports’ (LAWA) Law Enforcement and Homeland Security Deputy Executive Director (DED) David L. Maggard Jr.’s tenure at LAX.   Mayor Eric Garcetti has made sweeping pronouncements about the City of Los Angeles’ zero tolerance for racism and gender discrimination, yet he remains silent on DED […] Read More »

LAAPOA Applauds LAWA for Promoting From Within for Assistant Chief Positions

LAAPOA extends its congratulations to Acting Assistant Chiefs Tyrone D. Stallings and Latasha Wells Amerson, who Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) yesterday announced were promoted to permanently fill the assistant chief positions for the Los Angeles Airport Police Department (LAXPD). Both Stallings and Wells Amerson have been serving as acting assistant chiefs as emergency appointments […] Read More »

Can You Hear Us?

The state of California has long been known for the diverse groups of people who make up its communities, and the city Los Angeles is no different. In recent months, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has crafted various policies to promote racial diversity and equality among all levels of government, but has remained silent on […] Read More »

LAAPOA Says “Nope” to Maggard’s Leadership

LAAPOA’s strong disdain for the leadership of Deputy Executive Director of Law Enforcement and Homeland Security David L. Maggard Jr. is no secret. Since he first joined the City of Los Angeles in 2015 as the assistant chief of LAXPD, we have repeatedly called attention to his questionable management style. However, despite our concerns, in the five years of his employment, he has been promoted twice — from assistant chief to chief in 2016, and then from chief to his current director position in 2019. Read More »

It’s Time to Go

In these times of unrest, economic uncertainty and racial divisions, it is time to make some tough decisions. LAAPOA and the LAXPD have put their money where their mouth is. Not only are our rank-and-file officers majority-minority, but the president of our police association is African-American. Just last year, our police force welcomed its first […] Read More »

Surge in Violence Shows Cost of Defunding Police

A small sign of a return to normalcy seemed to peek through over the Fourth of July weekend as families gathered by the pool and barbecue to celebrate the birth of this great country. But in cities all over the nation, a surge of gun violence over the holiday weekend gave citizens a bitter taste of what life may be like if policymakers continue to bow to extreme demands to defund the police. In Atlanta, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency and activated 1,000 National Guard members following an increase in shootings over the Fourth of July weekend that injured 31 people and killed five, including an 8-year-old girl. Read More »

Street Vendor

Enforcing Street Food Vending During COVID-19

As coronavirus restrictions begin to ease up, certain businesses and venues across the country are reopening their doors to serve the public while adhering to social distancing and local and national health guidelines. During this time, many cities have stepped up to help business owners navigate, transition and adapt to the “new normal”; however, in the city of Los Angeles, a sizeable group of business owners were initially left out of reopening discussions — the city’s 50,000 street vendors. The omission creates a complicated enforcement challenge for police. Read More »

As Civil Unrest Continues, Police Unions Must Stay United

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s tragic death in Minnesota, many police unions, including those in California, have been at the forefront of instituting change across America. But rather than working with them to solve the problem, critics have instead attempted to blame police unions for the horrific actions of Officer Derek Chauvin and the […] Read More »