Press Release

Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association

LAAPOA Members Vote to Ratify Landmark Contract

Tentative Agreement Will Provide Salary and Benefits Equity

Los Angeles — The Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association (LAAPOA) has resoundingly ratified a successor labor contract on behalf of its law enforcement members that will ultimately provide equitable salary and benefits to its public safety officers.

This is a landmark contract for LAAPOA’s majority–minority police force membership, which has historically been underpaid and undervalued. It sends a clear message from Mayor Karen Bass and her administration that she stands behind her commitment to elevate and compensate minorities, women and other disenfranchised people when they have received the same education and training and have risen to equivalent levels as other contemporaries in their profession. The tentative agreement will now go to the full City Council for a concurrence vote.

LAAPOA represents rank-and-file airport police officers from the ranks of lieutenant and below. All monies that pay Los Angeles Airport Police Department (LAXPD) salaries and benefits are derived solely from airport revenues — no general tax funds from the City of Los Angeles are used.

LAAPOA also represents the rank-and-file Los Angeles Park Rangers (ranks of captain and below) and the officers of the Municipal Police, formerly known as the General Services Police Department. All are specialized policing elements focused on elevating specific safety needs of the city.

“LAAPOA is happy to finally get to this point with the City and mayor,” LAAPOA President Marshall McClain said. “Mayor Bass’ leadership and her team’s execution have ensured that the levels of effort and accomplishment of our members are matched to levels of recognition and pay structure.

“While the year-and-a-half-long process of negotiating this agreement has not been without difficulties and setbacks, Mayor Bass and her team must be commended for realigning the disparities that have existed in paying and recognizing airport police and all of our members for the hard work we do.

“As our focus now moves to regenerating our airport police force — which is down 20% from our peak in 2018 — providing our Park Rangers with necessary equipment, expanding our airport with two more terminals, adding the People Mover tram, and preparing for major events such as the World Cup and Olympics, having a contract in place allows all of us to put our efforts and attention where they need to be.

“On behalf of our members, I want to thank Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, LAWA CEO Justin Erbacci, Los Angeles Recreation & Parks General Manager Jimmy Kim, City of Los Angeles CAO Matt Szabo, Assistant CAO Malaika Billups and the City Council members for showing faith and providing support of public safety employees to get us to the finish line. We look forward to working on future projects and keeping our airports and specialty policing areas safe and productive for the months and years to come.”