Press Release

Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association

Congratulations to LAAPOA’s Newly Elected Board of Directors

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association (LAAPOA) has concluded and certified the results of its union board elections and is proud to announce its newly elected Board of Directors for 2017–2018, which will continue to lead our organization forward.

President: Marshall McClain
Vice President: Rodolfo Bojorquez
Treasurer: Andrei Soto
Secretary: Michael Dear
Assistant Secretary: Richard Andrade
LAX Board of Directors: Bill Adrian, Ruth Avalos-Delgado, Gabriela Gonzalez, Ben Spolarich
ONT Board of Directors: Gregory Gladson, Frank Santiago
VNY Board of Directors: Vacant

During this incredibly challenging time for organized labor, LAAPOA’s 2015–2016 Board of Directors successfully negotiated a contractual pay raise to within 1% of parity with LAPD’s salary and achieved a cumulative salary raise of over 17%, in addition to a safety retirement tier that did not previously exist. The 2017–2018 Board looks forward to finalizing this contract implementation of the new retirement tiers early next year and protecting the benefits contained in the contract that our members have earned and deserve.

With new administrations of federal, state and local legislators, the 2017–2018 Board will engage these leaders, as well as LAWA CEO Deborah Flint and the newly appointed chief of Airport Police, to ensure our officers have the resources needed to perform their duties to the best of their abilities and that our ever-expanding airport facilities have the necessary security measures in place so that they are safe and well-protected environments for travelers, airport employees and officers.

“Thank you to the outgoing 2015–2016 Board of Directors for their service to our members. Their leadership has helped position LAAPOA to excel and succeed in the years ahead,” says President Marshall McClain. “I look forward to continuing to serve our officers and working with the newly elected Board members, who I know will be dedicated to the interests of our members.”