Press Release

Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association

LAAPOA Statement on Killing of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sergeant Steve Owen

LOS ANGELES, CA – The following statement is from Marshall McClain, President of the Los Angeles Airport Police Officers Association regarding Wednesday’s killing of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sergeant Steve Owen in Lancaster:

“The Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers’ Association deeply mourns the loss of Sergeant Steve Owen.

Attacks on law enforcement are attacks on our values and on the very concept of what we all must defend against–the eroding of our way of life, of everything good we have come to know and love about this country. The fact that Sergeant Owen was killed by a parolee makes his murder that more despicable considering California wants to further decriminalize and release even more so-called ‘non-violent’ inmates onto our streets. How many more officers will have to die before voters and lawmakers wake up?

We lost a true hero in Sergeant Owen on Wednesday.

We mourn for our brothers and sisters in blue and condemn this cowardly act of a senseless killing. We pray for Sergeant Owen’s family, his LASD colleagues and the community that he served.”