Press Release

Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association

Screening Airport Employees—Why Aren’t We?

100% screening of all passengers and airport employees is one of the most important deterrents to criminals and terrorists, yet LAX is not doing it. Why?

The former LAXPD Chief of Police, Patrick Gannon, claims, “there is no way that you are going to have the ability to screen every single person that comes to work in the airport.” However, it can be done—Miami International Airport and Orlando International Airport screen all of their employees. Miami has screened approximately 38,000 employees since 1999.  Total employee screening is realistic and achievable and it should happen here at LAX.

LAX is the top west coast terrorist target and has been the site of airport employees smuggling drugs aboard aircrafts and other criminal activities.  100% screening has the potential to stop an “insider” or “lone wolf” terrorist attack and to help decrease the opportunities for airport employees to commit crimes.

“Screening all airport employees, including TSA, and the items they bring to the airport, is important and practical at LAX,” said Marshall McClain, President of the Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association. “While passengers pose threats, so do employees at airports who game the system knowing that they will not be checked when they come to work.”