LAWA CEO Message

A COVID-19 Update for Team LAWA

Team LAWA,

This weekend we learned that two members of our LAWA family, a Los Angeles Airport Police Officer and another employee, tested positive for COVID-19. We are in touch with Los Angeles County Public Health and working with them to identify any other employees who may have had prolonged, close contact with these individuals. County Health is conducting thorough interviews to determine who else may be at risk and will be sharing that information with us as soon as they have it. We will be following their direction regarding the need for anyone else to self-quarantine, be monitored and/or seek medical attention. Per the instructions of County Health, we have already directed a few employees to self-quarantine or be monitored for symptoms.

I want to remind each of you, if you are sick, you must not come to work. The implications of doing so can be extremely debilitating to your fellow workers and the operation of our airports.

A key step in stopping the spread of COVID-19 is not coming into contact with symptomatic individuals carrying the virus. We must each do our part to reduce the possibility of transmission. In addition to staying home when sick, please follow the recommendations of the public health agencies, which include frequent and thorough washing of hands, using hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol when soap and water are not available, keeping space between one another and not touching your face, eyes, nose, mouth or ears. Each of us has a role in slowing and reducing the spread of germs.

Social distancing is another one of the public health recommendations. That is why last week I directed that wherever feasible, meetings should be held via conference call or video conference. Also, no visitors are allowed in our administrative buildings without Deputy Executive Director (DED) approval, and LAWA employees should not go to off-site meetings, but rather request a call-in number. Additionally, in accordance with the Mayor’s directives, no meeting of 50 or more people is allowed. In cases where we must have small in-person meetings, we are taking additional precautions. Last week Airport Police implemented new procedures for roll calls to reduce the number of officers brought together in one place, moved roll calls to outdoor locations and cancelled all large group training classes. Our Operations Teams’ shift-change briefings have been transitioned to calls. And, our Human Resources division will transition all training sessions to online trainings or postpone the classes.

As we receive new guidance from the Mayor’s office, County Health and/or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we will share it with all of you. Please continue to monitor these messages and our Employee Portal for up-to-date information. We will have another important message tomorrow and I hope to address all of you via a video conference as well. In the meantime, all policies and procedures previously announced remain in effect. And once again, you must stay home if you are sick and I ask that all of you please follow the basic public health guidelines.

Thank you for doing your part during this unprecedented time.

Justin Erbacci
Interim CEO, LAWA