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As we approach 65 years of service, your board of directors will make sure that the proud, unblemished tradition of serving the aviation community will no longer go un-noticed. We have lost some great friends and family along the way, and we owe it to their memories to keep a promise that we as an association are better tomorrow than we were yesterday. We have a challenging road ahead with the economy crisis, which will make our upcoming contract negotiations and membership growth complicated but not impossible.  In order for us to make any changes, we have to change the way we display ourselves as professionals. Too long has our professionalism and capabilities been the quietest kept secret in L.A. Granted, anyone who has ever traveled through any of the four airports we protect has seen it first hand.  I promise you; from this day forward there will be no doubt which agency is providing the finest level of protection that rivals that of any police officer or firefighter in the world.  But we must first ensure there is one voice, not several different voices, whispering into the wind, in four different directions.  Here we are 25 years since the Olympic Games came to Los Angeles, LAAPOA stepped onto the scene and the name change to Los Angeles Airport Police began being utilized.  Although that is not the true beginning of city service for this agency, some would have you believe that we were born after the fateful events of 9/11/2001; the fact is the spotlight is on homeland security and our skill set of providing our expertise of aviation law enforcement and fire safety services to millions of people each year.  The face of aviation law enforcement has changed dramatically during our history and is still changing. We must not just conform to these changes, but instead, as one of the leaders in aviation, we must facilitate and shape these changes. 

Thank you for your support and stay safe.