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Attack on Airport Police Officer at Bishop International Airport Is an Attack on All Airport Police

Congressman Donovan of House DHS Committee Supports Airport Law Enforcement

AAAPO Commends Capitol Police Response in Shooting

Congress and President Back the Blue Line

AAAPO Grateful for Congressional and Administration Support of Law Enforcement

Airports Need Security Boost for Record Summer Travel Season

TSA testing new screening procedures for carry-on bags

Race Recap: 2017 LAX Tommy Scott Memorial Run

2017 Tommy Scott Memorial LAX Run Draws Record Number of Participants

Rank and File Question Dubious Hiring

Blue Proud

The 2017 Tommy Scott Memorial LAX Run Is Ready for Takeoff!

Born to Run

Hiring Process at LAXPD Usurped: Vacancies Filled by Inexperienced Outside Candidates

A Unified Airport Police Structure Keeps Travelers Safe

Ready. Set. Go the Distance on May 13!

Alternative Facts Can't Distract From the Truth: More Airport Police Officers Are Needed at LAX

Over-Trained or Over-Stressed?

Attacked Again; Still No Changes to Airport Security

Why Cops Die Young, Part 2

Hit-and-Run Driver With Loaded Gun in Car Arrested at LAX

Hit Again

AAAPO Supports Ending Funding for TSA's Wasteful BDO and VIPR Programs

TSA's Lax Screening Protocols Are Jeopardizing Airport Security

Why Cops Die Young: Insulin Resistance and Heart Disease

Insider Threats Are a Reality, but Preventable

Beyond Inexcusable: TSA's Ineptitude Jeopardizes Safety at One of World's Most Terrorist-Targeted Airports

The First 100 Days of 2017: Outlook for LAAPOA's Priority Issues

New Report Highlights Airport Security Gaps; AAAPO Urges Lawmakers to Fix Them

LAAPOA Calls for Peaceful Protests

LAX Protests: LAAPOA Is Here to Keep Travelers, Employees and Protestors Safe

Better Airport Security Must Become a Reality

New Year, New Challenges

AAAPO Stands With Ft. Lauderdale

What a Year! Wrapping Up 2016

Airport Security Protocols Must Be Bolstered

Congratulations to LAAPOA's Newly Elected Board of Directors

Make Drones Safe Again

Drain the Swamp at TSA - Make Airport Security Great

Travel Smart, Stay Safe and Celebrate the Season

Ongoing Security Gaps Jeopardize Holiday Travel

Reasons to Be Grateful

Make America Safe Again

Comply Now, Complain Later: Officers Educate Communities About Traffic Stops

Police Matter. Elections Matter. Law Enforcement Matters.

Third-Party Canine Cargo Screening Threatens Airport Security

Daily Dangers Do Not Deter Police From Protecting the Public

Police Officers Are Proud to Protect Our Communities Day

LAAPOA Statement on Killing of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Sergeant Steve Owen

LAAPOA Urges No Vote on Prop 57

Undecided on Candidates or Issues? Use LAAPOA's Voter Guide

LAAPOA Voter's Guide

Airline Profits Are Increasing, So Should Airport Security

After One Dozen Police Officers Contact News Media Regarding Corruption and Retaliation, LAX Police Union Renews Call to Bring in Inspector General

TSA Management Continues to Jeopardize Public and Employee Safety At Airports

Secondary Barriers on Cockpit Doors Will
Increase Airplane Security

LAX Police Union Thanks Airport CEO For Prioritizing Officer Safety with Purchase of New Vehicles

AAAPO Denounces Weekend Violence and Terror

TSA Management Fails Again - TSA Canine Bomb Teams

"Preservation of Life" Award Presents a Perilous Quandary for Officers

Fortification of Screening Checkpoints Needed

Follow up to LAX investigation that aired on Mon, Sept 12, 2016 (VIDEO)

Corruption at Los Angeles Airport Police (VIDEO)

Airport Police Nationwide Remember 9/11

300 Foot Rule Will Increase Airport Security and Deter Attackers

Support the Blue Ribbon Trust for the family of Caj Scott

LAAPOA Statement on LAX Shooter Paul Ciancia's Plea Deal

LAX Incident: Could Terrorist Be Testing Our Airports?

Rebuilding the Ranks: Join the Force for Good

Increased Access to Airport Security Cameras
Is Important To Keeping Travelers Safe

LAAPOA Statement on the Passing of Airport Police Officer Caj Scott

Airport Perimeters Are Far Too Vulnerable

False Alarm at JFK Airport Reinforces Need for Enhanced Security Measures

Out with the old and in with the new

LAAPOA Interview: Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts

AAAPO Offers Condolences to Baton Rouge Police and Condemns Recent Attacks Against Law Enforcement

Looking to November: Candidates' Views on Law Enforcement

LAAPOA Statement on Baton Rouge Police Shooting

LAAPOA Statement on Hit-and-Run Involving LAXPD Officer

Moving Past Tragedy, Together

Airport Police: The Checkpoint Safety Act of 2016 Will Save Lives

LAAPOA Statement on the Dallas Shooting

Cameras Promote Airport Security

After Police Chief Accepts Plea Deal in Federal Fraud Case, Airport Police Union Calls on Inspector General to Investigate

Amazing Race: 2016 LAX Run

L.A. Airport Police Union Scores Victory in Battle for Equal Pay for Equal Work as Council Approves New Contract

TSA Canines Are Just A “Dog and Pony” Show TSA Must Focus on Screening

Airport Police: More TSA Screeners Equals Faster and Safer Checkpoints

First-World Airport, Third-World Police Station

All Systems Go for the June 25 LAX Run

Calling on Congress to Reboot TSA's Mission

In Order to Speed Up Screening Process, TSA Should Remain Focused on Its Primary Function of Screening Baggage and Passengers and Leave Law Enforcement Type of Duties to Airport Police

Help Wanted: A Chief That Advocates for Their Force

AAAPO Statement of Support on 300 Foot Rule and LEO Canine Detection Teams

Airport Police Officers Approve Tentative Contract

Reform, Don't Repeal, the Death Penalty

Help Wanted: A Chief That Advocates for Security Part II

Airport Police Union Reps to Appear Before Committee Hearing on Security Breaches at Van Nuys Airport

Help Wanted: A Chief That Supports Employee Screening

LAAPOA Interview: Former LAWA Director of Airport Safety Services Bayan Lewis

Help STILL Wanted: A Chief That Staffs Our Airports

LAAPOA Interview Part 2: Retired LAXPD Chief Bernard Wilson

LAAPOA Expresses Its Condolences on Passing of Former Councilmember Bill Rosendahl

Help Wanted: A Chief That Protects

Drones + Airports = Disaster

Proactive Security Measures Needed

AAAPO Reemphasizes Calls for More Proactive Airport Security

Airport Police Union Renews Call for 100 Percent Passenger and Employee Screening After Flight Attendant Caught Smuggling Cocaine

Help Wanted: A Chief That Leads

LAAPOA Interview: Retired LAXPD Chief Bernard Wilson

Securing Perimeter Fence is Essential to Airport Security

Modernization Efforts Must Include Airport Police

LAAPOA Statement on the Passing of Retired Officer Lenny Watts

LAXPD Protects Travelers. We shield you.
In 2016, Airport 911 Calls Still Aren't Sent Directly to Airport Police. Why?

LAXPD Protects Travelers. We shield you.
300 Feet That Make A Difference

L.A. Airport Police Contract Proposal Headed to Mayor

Public Safety Demands Solutions to Homelessness

LAXPD Protects Travelers. We shield you.
The Face of Non-Functioning Police Cars

Los Angeles Airport Police Enter Third Round of Contract Negotiations

LAXPD Protects Travelers. We shield you.
Screening Airport Employees - Why Aren't We?

LAXPD Protects Travelers. We shield you. Functioning Cars Drive Safety

Stopping Human Trafficking in Transit

LAXPD Protects Travelers. We shield you. - More Travelers, Less Officers

LAXPD Protects Travelers. We shield you. - Drones are coming. Are we ready?

We Have Not Forgotten - But No One's Listening

LAXPD Protects Travelers. We shield you.

It's Time to Tackle Airport Police Inequity

The Pension Battle Subsides...for Now

How to Handle an Active-Shooter Situation

Airport Police Concerned by Airport Perimeter Breaches; Advocates 24/7 Police Patrols of Perimeters

Year in Review: LAAPOA's Top Issues in 2015

As Holiday Travel Season Begins, L.A. Airport Police Union Says More Public Safety Improvements Needed Over Ritzy Hangout Spot for the Wealthy

Airport Police Support Legislative Efforts to Tighten Internal Airport Security and Calls for Complete Airport Employee Screening

Working Together to Stay Safe This Holiday Season

AAAPO Urges Greater Oversight of Drones and Reemphasizes Need for All Airport Employee Screening

Airport Employee Screening and Camera Access

Los Angeles Airport Police Union Remembers November 1, 2013

California Fair Pay Act Puts Spotlight on Los Angeles and Female Police Officers

Handheld Lasers Pose an Increasing Danger to Airplanes

Airport Police Lives Matter Too

Audit Reveals a Change to LAWA's Status Quo Is in Order

San Bernardino police officer dies in car crash with alleged drunken driver

Los Angeles Airport Police Chief Flip Flops (Again) on Support for Rank-And-File

Prop 47's First Year Marked by Troubling Trends

Airports and drones don't mix

Officers Are a Part of the Community

Statement on L.A. City Council Trade, Commerce and Technology Committee Vote Paving the Way for Uber and Lyft at LAX

The Invisible Injury: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

L.A. Airport Police Union Takes Another Step Forward in Fight for Equal Pay for Equal Work for Airport Police Officers

It's Deja Vu All Over Again: The Newest Attack on Pensions

Safety Regulations Needed for Ridesharing Services at LAX

L.A. Airport Police Union Statement on the Transfer of Ownership of Ontario Airport Back to Ontario

LAX Late Shift Light on Officers

L.A. Airport Police Union Challenges Chief to Stand By His Words and Advocate for His Officers to Receive Equal Pay for Equal Work

LA Airport Police Union Issues Statement on Airport Commissioners Vote to Allow Uber and Lyft at LAX

LA Airport Police Union Confused on Chief's Support for His Own Department After Comments Made on Television

Police Officers' Unofficial Duty: Caring for the Mentally Ill

Airport Police Hopeful New Director Will Make Public Safety a Top Priority

Equal Pay for Equal Work Should Extend to L.A.'s Police Officers

Statement on the L.A. City Council Vote to Raise Minimum Wage to $15

Turbulence at the TSA Reinforces Need for Airport Police

AAAPO Concerned by DOT IG Findings on TSA

Lawless Drone Use Poses a Growing Danger to Air Traffic

Statement on the Nomination of New Executive Director of LAWA

Airport Police Union Says Police Chief Can't Cut Umbilical Cord to LAPD

Union Representing Airport Police Officers at LAX Does Not Mince Words in Open Letter to Board of Airport Commissioners Correcting the Record on Recent Unattended Dynamite Incident

VAAU Works Behind the Scenes to Ensure Airport Security

Local National Police Week Events Include Tribute to Airport Police Officer Killed in the Line of Duty

The Kindest Officer on the Force

Composed Under Pressure: The LAXPD Communications Unit

On the Road With the LAXPD Motorcycle Unit

As Summer Travel Season Approaches, Airport Police Management Cuts Number of Police Officers Checking Vehicles Entering LAX

Los Angeles Airport Police Union Responds to AP Investigation of Perimeter Breaches

L.A. Airport Police Union Statement on Mayor Eric Garcetti's 2015 State of City Address

AAAPO Statement Regarding TSA Security Breach at John F. Kennedy Airport

APIIC Provides Real-Time Intel to Officers in the Field

Los Angeles Airport Police Union Statement Regarding TSA Pre-Check Incident Involving a Convicted Terrorist

Los Angeles Airport Police Union Statement Regarding New Orleans International Airport Rampage Incident

Events to Honor the 10th Anniversary of LAXPD Officer Tommy Scott's End of Watch

Airport Police Union Raises Concern Over Removal of Key Personnel From LAX Emergency Services Unit During Elevated Homeland Security Threat

Canine Unit: Unique Partnerships Protect and Deter

Did the LAPD Violate the Civil Rights of Alleged Suspects While Making Airport Police Officers Unwilling Accomplices?

Airport Police Officers Support Senator Ted Cruz's Efforts to Address Airport Safety

Dignitary Protection Unit Guards City's High-Profile Visitors in Transit

L.A. Airport Police Union Joins Alliance of Airport Police Officers in Calling on Congress to Act on Drones

LAAPOA Endorses Kamala Harris for U.S. Senate

Emergency Services Unit: LAXPD's Tactical Team

LAAPOA Endorses Herb Wesson for Re-Election

Statement on the Retirement of Gina Marie Lindsay

Second Tour of Duty: LAX Police Officer II Thomas Dye

LAAPAAL Presents Yes You Can! Women in Law Enforcement Leadership & Empowerment Conference

Statement: New Year Sees Much of the Same Shenanigans from LAX Police Chief

Los Angeles Airport Police Union Says Nation's Second Busiest Airport More Focused on Lavish Cosmetic Enhancements than Passenger Safety

Airport Police Stands With Our Brothers In Arms

LAAPOA Zeroes in on Critical Issues for 2015

Prosecutors to seek death penalty in fatal LAX shooting

Union head wants LAX police chief out

LAX Police Union Announces 2015 Leadership

Hitting the Highlights: A Roundup of LAAPOA's 2014 Media Efforts

Statement from Los Angeles Airport Police Union on Death of Two New York Police Officers


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